Question of the Day

Wouldn't an illustrated romance novel just

Just askin'.

Either way, this would definitely add visual interest to my shelves.


  1. Sure looks like it to me...sort of a Harlequinesque Penthouse?

    Could they find a hairier guy for the cover? Perhaps Robin Williams? Now, that's one porn I'd like to see...Mrs. Doubtfire hooking up with a hottie! Ha!

  2. No an illustrated EROTICA novel would be PORN. Illusrated ROMANCE would just be HALF naked guys LOL.

  3. Callista - yeah, the Playboy version so to speak!

  4. My kids and I were just sorting their bookshelves and put all the POP-UP books together ...

    Then I came and read your post.

    I can't help but put the images together :)


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