A Reader's Respite Self-Esteem

Some of you know that thanks to Technorati, A Reader's Respite's self-esteem has been in the toilet lately. (For those of you who haven't been keeping up, Technorati says we are worth $0.00.)

But today we have good news! Our favorite author, Michelle Moran, has informed us that Technorati is, in fact, quite mistaken. According to a much more reliable source, Website Outlook, our website is actually worth


Our self-esteem is now restored. So great is our gratitude to Ms. Moran, we are now going to shamelessly promote her two wonderful books. Please go buy 10 copies (each) of Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen. Now. Here are the links to do so:

Our gratitude goes out to Ms. Moran (although it does beg the question: why isn't she busy writing my next favorite book?).

I'll let you know when they send me my check.


  1. Ha-ha, my blog is worth $1861.50 apparently! How do they come up with these numbers?

  2. my blog is worth -9999$ lol!

    u r so cute! and I m going to get my copy of Nefertiti!!thats all I can afford right now :)

  3. I am sticking with the Technorati figures! With this one I am worth $4547.90, wherease with Technorati it is $80000 plus! LOL!

  4. Yay! I knew you were worth it!! :-)


  5. Wow! That's kind of fun. Technorati says The Book Lady's Blog is worth $44,598.66, but the other site said it was only worth $2746. So I'll go with Technorati. It's better for the self-esteem, and you know I've had an interesting day. :)

  6. Technorati is higher for for me too.

    Michele, you are too funny!


  7. Good thing people make up little programs like this....gives me more fodder!


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