Hopping on the Bandwagon

So I'm loving the idea of "Teaser Tuesdays," an idea inspired over at Should Be Reading. The idea is that you open your current book to a random page and choose two sentences (no spoilers!) between lines 7 - 12. Post those two sentences - and be sure to name the book, of course - for everyone to read. I've found quite a few good books this way. Teasers are a great way to see if you like an author's writing style. So look for mine next Tuesday morning.

Fun Website

Untitled books, a cool U.K. online bookstore, has a great little section called Literary Seen which features photos of random people around town reading their books. In addition to their photos, the readers give a short comment about what they're reading. Cute and sometimes very funny!

Reading Update

I finally finished Sharon Kay Penman's Time and Chance last night around midnight. Because I read both When Christ and His Saints Slept and Time and Chance in preparation for the release (October 7, 2008) of her new novel, The Devil's Brood, I won't post my written reviews until the release date gets a bit closer, just to keep it all relevant.

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