A recent story over at Publisher's Weekly reports that the sales of audiobooks were up 12% last year, with over 40% of consumers saying they listen in. Audiobooks have recently evolved from the standard book-on-tape. Today you will find them in CD format, MP3 format, online and downloadable and in every book store.

So what do you think? Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, what do you like about them? Does the staggering price put you off? And the most important question of all....(drumroll please)....abridged or unabridged?

I've got to admit, I've recently jumped on this bandwagon upon the discovery that the State Patrol actually frowns upon reading and driving at the same time (go figure). I become a member over at Audible, one of the more popular online audiobook sites when I discovererd the ease of downloading a book to my I-Pod. Those times when I can't - or shouldn't - be reading, I've come to enjoy an audiobook. (Happy now, Mr. Don't-Read-While-Driving-Down-Interstate 5-Police-Officer?)

Now if I could just get the kids to shut up during the good parts......


  1. Haha! Those damn State Troopers! Won't let you do anything fun!

    Personally I don't listen to audiobooks and I'm not sure why - probably because I like to sing in the car and very badly I might add.

  2. Ha, ha. I'd probably be singing, too, if my radio in the car hadn't died. I'd replace it, but I'm still holding out for a new car, since my poor thing is 15 years old. Husband says no way, so guess it's IPod and audiobooks for now. :)

  3. Question for you: where did you find your blog template - I really like it!

  4. Oh that's an easy one. Just go over to and she has such neat's hard to pick just one.

  5. Cool, thanks!! Man, I'm not gonna get any work done today! If my company only knew how much they "support" my blog!!!


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