Yet another great book contest!

This Book Blogger Appreciation Week is a goldmine of opportunities for everyone to enter to win a novel they've been dying to read! Now there's a chance to win Philippa Gregory's newest novel, The Other Queen. Just head on over to Book Club Girl to enter. Even if you don't win, you'll want to put her blog on your list of favorites...seems like there's always something interesting posted over there!


  1. I was reading the comments on Book Club Girl's post about this and saw your name jump out at me. Why? Because it's the same as mine SPELLED THE SAME! Woohoo! I know, not as rare as some might think, but not as common either. So I just wanted to stop by and say hey! I am blogging too - you'll love my blog name - Michele Only One 'L'. :-) Stop by! And hopefully we both win the book!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by! Your blog is in my feeder and I do read it...just haven't commented, so I should apologize for that. In fact, you're responsible for the addition of the two 'Royal Spyness' books to my TBR pile. :) "L" is kinda rare. I received a comment from Michelle Moran the other day saying it felt a little surreal to be writing someone with the same name. I think because you don't see the name much anymore, we notice it more. :)


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