It's Michelle Moran Week

Over at Historical Tapestry, they are kicking off Michelle Moran week in celebration of the September 16th release of her highly anticipated new novel, The Heretic Queen. This is a great opportunity to win a copy (autographed!) of The Heretic Queen, for anyone who missed out on the Books 'N Border Collies competition. There will be lots of great discussion going on about Michelle's work and for those who missed out on her previous best-selling novel, Nefertiti, there is a veritable goldmine of information, reviews and discussions on that topic, as well, to get you caught up.

For those of you who -- like me -- tend to lurk in the background, this is a good time to start joining in the discussions and participate in all the fun!


  1. Thanks for posting about this for us! And now that you have delurked, don't be shy! We love visitors!

  2. I'm looking forward to your site this week - it really should be a lot of fun. :)

  3. Thank you for posting about this, Michele! HA! It's a little surreal writing to someone with the same name...

  4. It was my pleasure...anyone who interacts so much with their readers deserves to be on every bestseller list out there and I wish that for you.

    And yes, since our name isn't all too common, it is kinda weird. ;)

    (running off to tell husband-unit that a real, live, best-selling author just left a comment on my blog.....ha!)


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