It's the creepiest day of the year and I hope everyone has some some good Halloween activities lined up tonight. I toyed with the idea of dressing up as Stalker Author Kathleen Hale because what's easier than getting in my car and randomly sitting in front of people's houses wondering if they are the book blogger I'm looking for? But since I didn't get an invite to Harper Teen's big Halloween Bash, I suppose my efforts would be wasted. Alas, there's always next year.

So what Halloween treat do I have for you this year? In an effort to make up for my missed Sunday Webcomics episodes, I'm giving you one of the most lauded and scariest webcomics of all time, Bongcheon-dong Ghost Story. Originally a part of a group of web short stories that appeared back in 2011, this amazing short story by HORANG is based on a South Korean urban legend and seriously ought to come with a health warning, so I'm giving you one right now:

DO NOT READ if you have heart problems or 
any other health issues that severe fright might exacerbate. DO NOT READ
if you do not like wetting your pants or letting out a little scream.

You've been warned, right? 

Now, Happy Halloween! Enjoy!!!

The Bongcheon-dong Ghost Story (follow link, then read the webcomic by scrolling down)


Fire away!