Twilight Series Winner!!!

I entered each of your names into the Randomizer. Next time, by the way, I'm just going to enter fingers went numb typing in all of your names and as much as I love you all, you're just not worth numb fingers.

Oh, and the winner is....

Kanellio! Zap me an email address within 24 hours and I'll get the entire Twilight Series in the mail so you'll get them for the holidays!

Congratulations and read them in good health!


  1. I used to type in the names too, but like you, I go with numbers now. Much easier. Congrats Kanellio!

  2. hahaha! the pic... God! where do u get all these ideas from :P

  3. Great photo! And a huge congrats to Kanellio.

  4. What a funny picture! Congrats to Kanellio!!!


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