Out With the Old....

It was a busy week out there in blog-land. Please feel free to bring to my attention anything I missed and I'd be happy to add it.

Added to the Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa TBR pile:
I'm not going to reiterate my dramatic fall from the book-buying wagon that took place earlier in the week. If you'd like to read the dirty details, just go here.

But this came in the mail and I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself (!):

Guernica, by Dave Boling. Dave is a local author and after reading his Tacoma News Tribune columns for most of my life, I now have a copy of his very well-received historical fiction novel about the Spanish Civil War and a small Spanish town that was fire-bombed by the Germans during WWII.

Books that made it on to the wishlist:

Here, There Be Dragons (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica), by James A. Owen, courtesy of Muse Book Reviews.
Beneath a Marble Sky, by John Shors, courtesy of Tanzanite's Shelf and Stuff.
The Island of Divine Music, by John Addiego, courtesy of Diary of an Eccentric.
Creepers, by Joanne Dahme, courtesy of Book Chatter and Other Stuff.
Heart of Diamonds, by Dave Donelson, courtesy of J. Kaye's Book Blog.
Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell, courtesy of The Friendly Book Nook (I absolutely must buy this book!)
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart, courtesy of Publisher's Weekly.

Things happening in the blog world that I hope you didn't miss:

  • Passages to the Past gave us historical fiction fanatics a good look at what's due to be released in November.
  • There was a great interview with David Ebershoff, author of The 19th Wife, over at Wendi's Book Corner.
  • Over at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time there is a great giveaway of The Lace Reader -- don't forget to enter if you haven't read it!
  • The Hidden Side of a Leaf presented a review of Neil Gaiman's new novel, The Graveyard Book.
  • If you haven't already caught it, I'm directing you all over to Michele with One 'L' to read one of the best politically-oriented posts I've read thus far. Michele is proving to us that despite appearances, common sense is not dead (thank you, Michele!).
  • If you missed Blog Talk Radio this week, there was an excellent talk with Kathleen Kent, author of The Heretic's Daughter. Don't worry if you missed it -- Bermuda Onion's Weblog provided us with a link to listen to the talk.


  1. LOL @ Glad I could assist in the book addition. :)

  2. I bought Here There Be Dragons months (years?) ago and still haven't read it, but my brother said it was great. Now that kismet has caught up with me and I've seen it mentioned again I've really got to read it!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Guernica looks so good. I've got to make time to get to it.

  4. J.Kaye - don't you just love how I shift the blame to other people? Ha!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Michele!

  6. Thanks for linking to my review! I hope you get a chance to read The Islands of Divine Music. I'd love to know what you think.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  7. Michele - Can't wait for you to read Guernica!



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