Quick, grab a pen and paper....

We'll wait till you've got something to write with.

*drumming fingers*

Got it?  Okay, now write this down:

The novel is called The Human Bobby and it's written by Gabe Rotter.

This is the one book A Reader's Respite wants you to read because....WOW.  Just wow.  Wow. 

Bobby Flopowski has it all.  He pulled himself up out of his poor Brooklyn childhood and became a successful, wealthy pediatrician in Los Angeles.  He marries well and for love.  They have a child.  They have it all. 

Until one fateful day, everything changes.

And Bobby ends up with nothing.  No job, no house, no wife and no child.  How does this happen?

We can't tell you more than that.  There may be twists, there may not.  A Reader's Respite doesn't want to spoil the stunning effect of reading this novel.  What we can tell you is that we idly opened the book to the first page, mistakenly thinking this was just another literary fiction novel.  Literally we did not put the book down until we turned the last page two hours later.  Despite a passel of toddlers beating on each other with trucks and dolls.  Despite Mr. RR yakking at us (we don't know about what).  Despite a refrigerator repair man dismantling our broken fridge.

Just read it.

We'll wait here patiently until you return here and tell us, "WOW!"

The Small Print

Title:  The Human Bobby
Author:  Gabe Rotter
Genre:  Literary Fiction with a big dose of Psychological Drama
289 pages
ISBN:  978-1-4391-6811-0
Source:  Newman PR
Grade:  A+

Side Note to Megan:  This is one big serving of humble pie.  This book will most assuredly rank high up in our Year's Best of the Best.  ;)


  1. LOL! You've sold it to me! I added it to the wishlist :-)

  2. Me too! ordering a copy from my local Library right now!..


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