Dirty Historical Fiction

Did you know that there is an entire sub-genre out there labeled Historical Erotica?  That's right, folks, an entire genre of dirty historical fiction.  A Reader's Respite had no idea.  But it's true.  And browsing the descriptions, as it turns out, can be a major time suck (get your minds out of the gutter, you dirty birds).....

Maid Marian, Robin Hood, and  Eleanor of Aquitaine get a little frisky in Colette Gales erotic novel, Bound by Honor.  Hey, even Harriet Klausner gave this one 5 stars....it's got to be good.

The Russian Revolution is spiced up with a little S&M in Natasha Rostova's novel, Captivation.  Who doesn't like a little sex with their revolution?

Ah, the hedonism of Ancient Rome.  Those slave girls were just asking for it, weren't they?  Slave Girls of Rome, by author Don Winslow, tells us all about it in lurid detail.

Alan Savage tells us all about the naughty side of Queen Joanna I of Naples in his novel, Queen of the Night.  We always suspected Joanna was a naughty girl.

Happy sexy reading.....

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