What do your books say about you?

It's been said that the books on your bookshelves reveal who you really are.  If that's the case, what do faux books say about a person?

A Reader's Respite recently went on a Google-hunt for faux books (don't ask why...too much time on our hands) and as it turns out, this is a very big business indeed.   

Of course, anyone with a few shelves to fill can purchase books by the yard.  We're assuming that a person who actually buys books in this manner has no intention of actually reading them.  But we still find ourselves asking *why*?  Is it an effort to appear well-read?  More intelligent or thoughtful?  Or just because books make beautiful decor?

At first we thought is was just for decor, but we abandoned that theory when we discovered that books by the yard can actually be purchased by subject.  Want to impress your date who thinks you're a lawyer?  At Strand Bookstore in New York City, you can actually rent intelligent-looking law books for the low price of $35 per linear foot for one entire week.

At Apartment Therapy, you can even purchase books by the yard sorted by color, thereby complementing your fake-library's decor.  Thank goodness because who knows what calamity may befall if our books don't match the new sofa set.

For those who prefer the more casual look of mass market paperbacks, Faux Books offers the following:

 Using paperbacks as faux books rescues interesting ,unusual, humorous and thought provoking book spines from destruction prior to out of print books being recycled. The spines are guillotined from the books and selected to provide a run of books to your required length. We permanently attach them to a thin backing board of matt black MDF which can then be fitted to your door or shelves in one simple application.

The spines are guillotined?  That's just wrong.

None of these fake book options are cheap, mind you.  It cost quite a pretty penny to purchase faux books, which leads us to wonder why someone wouldn't just head out to their local used bookstore and purchase some of the real thing.

But if cheap is what you're looking for, one could always resort to the tried and true paint and a paintbrush:

Or if you aren't artistically inclined, there's always wallpaper that gives a similar effect:

Of course, for those of us who are absolutely obsessed with books (reading them, that is), we could always shout our obsession to the world with a book-themed kitchen (ouch, there's those guillotined spines again):

Or better yet, let the neighborhood know where to drop off their leftover books:

And while you'll never see A Reader's Respite utilizing faux books (we have too many of the real ones for that), we will admit to coveting the secret book door...our birthday is in April:

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