Winners, Well-Wishes, and Book Blogger Dishes

Okay, so that title was more difficult to rhyme than I thought it would be (work with me here, folks).  A Reader's Respite is pleased to announce that we are back in business after a week off caring for Kid 2 after her surgery.  The surgery was a minor one, but at only 22 months, Kid 2 had never experienced general anesthesia, so Mr. RR and I were a tad apprehensive.

But she came out of the surgery with flying colors and bearing more than a slight resemblance to Rocky Balboa:


Thank goodness for bloggy-friends is all we can say.....Amy from Passages to the Past was in constant contact with A Reader's Respite from the time we arrived at Seattle Children's Hospital till we came home from the hospital (and beyond).  So if we haven't said so yet:  Thank you, Amy.  You kept us from pacing a rut in the hospital floor!

And Kid 2 has recuperated nicely, too:


And now on to other all of the hullabaloo, A Reader's Respite missed announcing a winner of Sarah Dunant's novel Sacred Hearts, but we hope the entrants haven't given up on us.  Kid 2 was feeling well enough this morning to hit the randomizer button and pick us a winner!

Zap us your mailing address, Sheila!


And now on to the best part of the day....Weekend Cooking with Beth Fish Reads.  Today A Reader's Respite thought we'd share our favorite Book-Blogger dish ever.  Here's what you'll need:

  1. One book blogging buddy who lives nearby
  2. A small collection of the absolute WORST books you've read in the past few months (really...they have to be just awful!)
  3. A local restaurant that serves sinful breakfast dishes

Mix all and enjoy!  If you do it right, the result is a fabulous few hours full of laughter at the awful books (which you then must exchange with each other), tons of good book recommendations, a full tummy and dirty dishes that you don't have to clean up after.  It's terrific fun!

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