A Little Bit Twisted

A Reader's Respite has often pondered our perceptions of reality. Mostly, we admit, this kind of pondering often follows a day that we're convinced was some sort of bad dream. But nevertheless, we do occasionally wonder.

So does author Commander Pants (ha!). At least he does in his a-little-bit-twisted novel, Whom God Would Destroy, the quirky story of several mental patients (actually, out-patients, but we're splitting hairs here) and their individual realities. What if they are right?

Who's to say there aren't space aliens obsessed with Big Macs controlling our thoughts and deeds? And why should any of us have to settle for only one personality? In this novel, having multiple personalities is much more fun.

But funny hi-jinks aside, we found a rather poignant message embedded in the story: Happiness may well be found in making other people happy. Simple. Easy. Okay, okay...so that particular message was imparted by a returned-to-Earth-Jesus who is having fun manipulating us sheep-like mortals. But we liked it nonetheless.


Okay, think you're twisted enough for this book? If so, leave us a comment and on October 25th we'll announce one random winner! That's all there is to it.


  1. Oh, the sight of a big mac coming up in my reader when I haven't even had breakfast yet :)

    PS, please don't enter me.

  2. Hey, a little bit of madness never hurt anyone. And author Commander Pants is an awesome pseudonym... or real name. ;)

  3. As I am Lieutenant Colonel Fishnet Stockings, I feel it my civic duty to read any books written by Commander Pants. I'd love to be entered.

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  5. Super post!! Way too funny. No need to enter me (have you seen my TBR? No, of course not -- I hide its true size from the public). I'll keep this one in mind, though.

  6. Different version of realities? I'm intrigued to know how wild they would be. :D I'd like to read this book. It's seem so much fun.

    linna.hsu at gmail dot com

  7. I may be just a little bit twisted :)
    Please enter me

    lilwhiteninja at yahoo dot com


  8. I love a good book with twisted realities!


  9. LOVE your review :D This sounds really great!!! I'd love to be entered in the contest too!

    Thank you so much for stopping by to wish me a Happy Birthday and good wishes for my vacation! That was very sweet of you and you made me feel loved and happy!

    Wishing you a Happy Day!


  10. Ok, that does sound pretty twisted! :)

  11. Funfunfun!

    muchdeepmeaning @ gmail . com

  12. You definitely grabbed my attention. I'd love to be entered.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  13. now i'm curious...count me in.

    karen k

  14. Yah, I'm hooked. I'd like to read this.

  15. I'm definitely twisted enough for this one!!


  16. I'm twisted! Please accept my entry. Thanks!



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