A Meme

Lezlie, at Books 'N Border Collies, thinks she's going to catch me secretly reading Faulkner by tagging me for the ol' Bookworm Meme. (Tricky, isn't she?)

In the Bookworm Meme, one must grab the book that is sitting closest to them (no exceptions!), turn to page 56, and tell everyone what line 5 says.

Faulkner dreaming up ways to torture A Reader's Respite

As it turns out, she didn't catch me reading Faulkner.

It's much, much worse.

The closest book to me at this very moment is in fact The American Heritage Dictionary. No, I'm not kidding.

Why, you ask?

Because A Reader's Respite is trying to sludge our way through Dante's The Divine Comedy and about every third word we do not recognize.

We are beginning to suspect the American educational system cheated us.

I digress. Back to the meme....

Ironically, line 5 of page 56 in the American Heritage Dictionary brings us to

Attitude - (1) a position of the body or manner of carrying oneself; (2) the orientation of an aircraft's axes esp. with respect to the horizon.

Both seem equally bad these days. Don't ask.

I have a need to know what the following peeps are reading:

  1. Passages to the Past
  2. Worth Reading It?
  3. TexasRed Books
  4. The Lit Connection
  5. Naked Without Books


  1. Well, it turns out (because when I read things like this I instantly have to wave my arms around and find the nearest book) that excepting textbooks, I've got "The Oxford English Dictionary" closest. But I won't check if the irony exists in my find as well. I'll just appreciate it quietly.

  2. Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Now there's two of us for people to laugh at. :P

  3. How funny! And amazing that you both had dictionaries handy. My nearest book is a library book "Silent in the Grave." I haven't read it yet.

  4. Oh wow, Alyce, are you in for a treat!! I've got reviews coming up of all three in the series....they are such fun!

  5. I think I may have one better (or worse!). It is the Polish-English dictionary...because I am a Polish language flunky that can't seem to crack this nut. I have to refer to this book hundreds of times while dabbling with my Rosetta Stone. Line 5 is "czaszk", or skull. What I am always thumping on my desk.

  6. Too funny on the "Attitude" line. Good luck on Dante. I've gone through the thing a couple of times for work. Maybe once in school a long time ago.

    Re: Dictionaries -- We have one in almost every room of the house. We are addicted to words.

  7. Ha! My dictionary missed the cut by two books. It's on the second shelf of the nightstand. :-)


  8. Hilarious :) You might have caught me with Bryan Garner's Usage Guide at home, but here at the hotel, I'm traveling light-weight. Just answered your tag on my space.

  9. Look at you all pretending that the nearest book is a dictionary and not some smutty romance novel with a clinch cover and lots of sex on page 56.

    Wait....that's me.

    Never mind. Carry on.

    (Just kidding on the pretending part!)

  10. Bwahahahaahahaha, Marg....that 108 degree heat is getting to you. Altho I have to admit: that kind of heat would drive me to mindless sex (well, reading about it anyway). :P

  11. 108! It was 114 here the day before yesterday! Today we are very glad that it has cooled down to ONLY 100 or so!

    Even if I did have a fella it would definitely be a case of "Don't touch me. It's too hot!"

  12. 114?!?!? How on earth is human existence possible?! And yes, with that kind of heat, I would agree that human procreation is just ewwwwwwwww! Ha.

  13. Stay indoors as much as possible, drink lots of water and moan about the weathr a lot. It seems to help.

  14. What a fun meme! And I suspect I would be needing the dictionary too if I read what you are reading! How ambitious!

  15. Michele - I love to read the dictionary too. We're such nerds, aren't we!?!?!


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