Banned Books Week is Here!

Banned Books Week has finally arrived and it's time to celebrate our freedom to read or write whatever we choose without government interference. We tend to think of book banning as a black spot in our history, but the "challenging" and removal of books continues every year.

One of the strongest advocates for our freedom to read is the Kid's Right to Read Project, which responds to book banning in our children's libraries around the country. You absolutely must take a moment to read their report regarding specific instances of book banning and their advocacy. Here's a sample:
The Amazing Bone by William Steig (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) was challenged at Sunshine Elementary School in February 2008 by a parentwho objected to a scene in the book in which robbers try to steal from the main character (a pig) and brandish pistols and a dagger. The parent wanted the book removed from the library. NCAC and ABFFE worked with the school principal and provided informational resources on the First Amendment in schools to the school’s book review committee. In an interview with a local TV station, we emphasized the importance of protecting all parents’ First Amendment rights to decide what their children may read. The review committee voted on February 8, 2008 to keep The Amazing Bone in the school, and school officials worked with the parent to accommodate the family individually.
Tampa, FL
from The Kids' Right to Read Project
So what can you do to participate? Easy....pick a challenged book from the ALA List and start reading! If you're feeling really industrious, head on over to The Book Lady's Blog, Maw Books, or Just a Reading Fool and join in their personal challenge of reading seven banned books in seven days (wow!).

Or, if you prefer, just pick ONE banned book from the list and read it. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you chose!

Throughout the week I'll be spotlighting random books that have been challenged or banned and giving you a review as well as a history of it's challenges. Also look for a giveaway!

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