If anyone asks about this review...just lie

Doubtless you've seen the publicity and reviews surrounding last week's release of E. Lockhart's newest book, WE WERE LIARS. Random House went all out for this one, folks. And with good reason: it's a pretty compelling summer read. The pages practically turn themselves on this one.

Take one Kennedy-esque family with a patriarch, aunts, uncles, and a passel of cousins, all wealthy, elitist, full of privilege and entitlement. Put them on their own private island in Long Island Sound each summer. Because doesn't every family do that? Take one of those young, beautiful, teenage cousins and slap some tragic and mysterious accident on her. How mysterious? Even she doesn't remember - and since she's the one narrating our story, we don't know either. Yeah, you're hooked now, aren't you?

I told you it was a page-turner. And I'll even tell you there is the nearly ubiquitous twist at the end (I can hear you now: "Ermagherd! I never saw that coming!"). I like twists. I liked this twist. But ultimately, I can say I wasn't crazy about what that twist said about the family, about society, about the whole story. Gah.

Regardless, I'm still recommending the book. Why? Because it's a good summer page turner, that's why. And any book that keeps you turning the pages because you're desperate to find out what happens next is worth recommending. Even if I didn't like the ending. Pffft.


Title: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 240
Date: May 13, 2014
Source: Publisher


  1. I thought what the twist said, as you say, was unfortunately realistic.

  2. Heather sent this one to me with the directive to "READ IT RIGHT NOW." So I'm going to follow directions. Looking forward to whatever is in store!

  3. Lots of buzz over this one. I love how the reviews for it all seem to including lying in some form.

  4. All that and Kennedy-esque too. You've got me hooked. It's like the author took all my likes and sandwiched them together.

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  6. I have been seeing this title EVERYWHERE so I broke down and bought it! Is that bad?

  7. Finished this one this week, handed it right to my teenage daughter. Yikes…very good. As a book marketing person, I especially applaud the marketing pitch hook. Nicely done all the way around.

    1. The marketing was slick indeed. I'm glad you liked it. I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending.


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