How to Make a Reading List

In case I’ve never mentioned it, I have a fetish for organization. Some might even diagnose call it a little obsessive-compulsive. You’re probably feeling a little kinship with me right about now, but I can safely assure you that until you have sat down with a notebook and, working with your five-year average of annual books-read, made an actual list of books you intend for the entire upcoming year - in order - you are nowhere near my level of organizational sickness. That’s right. An actual list of 135 books that I intended to read in a specific order over a twelve month period.

What the f%@k was that about?

Because here’s the thing: I can make book lists until hell freezes over. But I will never, ever, ever possess the ability to make it past #2 on the list. Because as much as my mind screams for organization, the sad fact is that I am a moody reader. And if #3 on my reading list doesn’t suit my particular mood, thump, back in the pile it goes as I will proceed to dig around for something that does feel right. Before I know it my nice, organized list is shot to hell when I find myself reading books that weren’t even on the damned list to begin with and oh for gawd’s sake it’s all out of order, now what do I do…..crap, just buy a new notebook and start a new list.

Shampoo, rinse, and repeat.

I only share this book angst with you this lovely Monday morn because I opened my calendar to see that I was supposed to be sharing a review of a new, upcoming release novel with you today. And I would have. Really, I would.

It was on my list to read.

It was #3. crap.


  1. I remember when I joined the TBR Challenge, when I would come up with 12 (I think) books that I had to read over the course of a year. I never completed that challenge. Ever. Because the books that were SO intriguing to me in January changed about a month later. The good thing is that we aren't paid to stick to the list. I've since given up. I don't know what I'm reading next until I finish the current book. Which lately takes forever.

  2. I loved this!! I am not a chronic list maker, but i do have an overall plan in my head. And it is very rarely followed.

  3. I am VERY much a moody reader. I tried to make a list once I think, but I have found it's much more fun when I just grab something off the shelf that looks appealing at that moment. Plus all the stuff I get mailed from publishers has to factor into it, and sometimes I just can't wait to read something I get in the mail.

  4. Haha I love that you are a moody reader cause ME TOO! I have trouble with review books sometimes cause I am just not in the mood for something. I think that is why I am such an eclectic reader.


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