I've probably talked about this in years past, but it bears repeating: Halloween is my favorite reading season of the year. So it always surprises me when I take stock and realize how many Halloween classics I haven't yet gotten around to reading.  Each year I fully intend to settle in and get to some of these tried and true creepers, but then the rounds of kids, costumes, parties, and trick or treating get in the way and mess up my entire reading schedule and before I know it, I'm basting a damn turkey, everyone is saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and sitting down with a copy of The Exorcist just looks downright weird, however much my family gatherings might be in need a good old fashioned exorcism when they all get together.

Yeah, the pretty much sums up our holiday family dinners right ht

This year I've decided to lower my expectations a little. When I saw that Stephen King was releasing a sequel to his 1977 classic horror novel The Shining, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to finally, FINALLY, read both the original and treat myself to the new sequel, Doctor Sleep.


Yes, you read that correctly. Shocking truth: I have never read The Shining. And because I've never read The Shining, I've never allowed myself to watch the movie. Okay, that and I've always had this ewww factor where Jack Nicholson is concerned, but that's another discussion. While I have spent countless hours inside the Timberline Lodge which served as the Overlook Hotel in the now famous movie (which is still, by the way, shown every year on Halloween night at Timberline if you happen to find yourself at Mt. Hood, Oregon) and always meant to read the novel over a long ski weekend there, it somehow just never worked out. Broken bones, torn ligaments, you know, typical ski weekends for our family.

Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

So while I may not be able to tackle all of those wonderful Halloween classic reads this year, I'm happy knowing I'll finally be able to cross The Shining off my list.  What else do I have in store for the Witching Season in upcoming years?  Sitting on my shelves, collecting what seems appropriately spooky amounts of dust because I absolutely refuse to read these books at any other time of year, includes unread copies of.....

Add to my pile. What is the one novel that scared the crap right outta you?  Happy Halloween, everyone. Don't eat the razorblades, hear?


  1. I've never read The Shining either because I saw the movie. So I think you are right in preventing yourself from seeing it if you intend to read the book. And yes re eww and Jack Nicholson! LOL Scariest book for me is not a novel but true crime: In Cold Blood. Scary even to write the title! And hmmm, what if the razorblades are chocolate?

  2. I've got House of Leaves on my list! I actually got it from the library but I had a huge stack of other books that needed attention. OK so The Shining and Doctor Sleep. They are GOOD, but they aren't terrifying. At least I didn't think so. King has much more horror up his sleeve. The Shining was one of his first novels and it is more atmospheric and subtle. But I think you will love the books. The movie is much scarier but bares little resemblance to the book which is why King hates it!

  3. You are a brave woman. All of those books scare me and I haven't read any of them.

  4. House of Leaves is good, but it's a trippy (and creepy read) for sure. Don't feel bad about The Shining. I just read it myself this year. I liked the book far, far better than that damn movie.

    My favorite horror novel and one of the scariest, in my opinion, is Hell House by Richard Matheson. Ghost Story by Peter Straub was also pretty creepy.

  5. The Shining (movie) is quite different from the book, but I would still read the book first.

    BTW, that gif of Linda Blair is totally creepy. I love it!

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