The Acquisitions Department

Date:  August 31, 2010
Prepared by:  The Acquisitions Department for A Reader's Respite
Subject:  August Acquisitions

"More books?  What the hell is wrong with you?"

We haven't released an aquisitions report around here for quite some time.  That's because our blog secretary has been up to his (lovely) ass in new-to-us books.  He says we couldn't possibly squeeze another book into this house.  We say books are like Jello shots: there's always room for more.

If we'd stop sucking these down, we'd probably get more books read.  Random thought.

So what books have wormed their way onto our shelves lately?  Take a look....

Redcoat, by Bernard Cornwell.  It's 1777 in Philadelphia.  It was, to quote the back cover, "...a time of bloody retribution, men and women caught in the crossfire of love, loyalty, and ambition.  Many survived the warfare - but could they survive their dreams?"  A Reader's Respite simply must know if they survived their dreams.  Found in a fabulous used bookstore (which, by the by, is for sale if you're interested) in Kent, Washington. 

The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver.  Despite the fact that we have yet to find a Barbara Kingsolver novel we could actually finish, hope springs eternal.   This one is historical fiction in Mexico, so we have high hopes....don't you dare disappoint us, Babs.  Especially since we paid full price for this one.

Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray.  A coming-of-age novel, this is a boarding school, murder mystery with a humorous bent.  We saw it over at Amazon's Vine Program and couldn't resist the snazzy blurb-reviews.  Not sure why we always fall for those blurbs, but perhaps this will be the exception to the blurbs-are-always-a-big-fat-lie rule.

The King's Way, by Francoise Chanedernagor.  Historical fiction novel featuring the notorious Madame de Maintenon, mistress and queen in all but name to Louis XIV.  Our version is the English translation, thankyouverymuch.  Published back when trade paperbacks still sold for $8.95 (1981, in case you were wondering), we found this one skillfully hidden in a tower of used books. Squee!

To list the rest of the some two dozen books we acquired this month would only be a lesson in shame for us.  We'll quit now while we're ahead.

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