Maybe this will turn us into a better cook?

This week, A Reader's Respite has discovered the magic device that we are absolutely certain will turn us into the world's best cook ever:

Meet The Demy.  According to Barnes & Noble, The Demy is

the world's first touchscreen, kitchen-safe digital recipe reader, is a tool no serious home cook can afford to be without. With the capacity to store up to 2,500 recipes, a host of convenient features, a small footprint, and the ability to withstand spills and accidents, the Demy instantly gives you all the support you need to turn out one great dish after another, with a minimum of fuss.


  • Adjustable font size
  • 3 built-in timers
  • Shortlist feature for frequently used recipes
  • Conversion tool for measurements
  • Dictionary of ingredient substitutes for emergencies
  • Syncs to complete online recipe collection via USB connection to your PC
  • Your own recipes can be typed in or scanned and downloaded via the Web
  • Recipes can be kept private or shared with select individuals

And A Reader's Respite is pretty convinced that with a sticker price of $199.95, it also does the dishes, sweeps up the kitchen and cleans your ovens, all with one easy touch of the button.


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