If you've ever considered an e-Reader....

....well, now may well be the perfect time.  Hitting the shelves next month is Pandigital's new Pandigital Novel, the newest e-reader out there and at only $199.00 MSRP, it's affordable.

It will be integrated with Barnes & Nobel's ebookstore (kudos to B&N for making their ebooks available to so many platforms!), has a full color LCD touchscreen and is powered by Android, which means that users will have good internet capabilities with this baby.

As the not-so-proud owner of the Amazonian Devil Device (aka Kindle), A Reader's Respite highly recommends that folks interested in an e-reader do some serious comparison shopping before plopping down a bunch of money for the Kindle, which the retail giant Amazon has strangled with digital rights restrictions, a grey-scale, non-touch screen and no backlight.   About the only good thing we have to say about the Kindle is that it's easy on the eyes outside in natural sunlight and the battery lasts a few days, but that's only because there is no backlight to drain it.  Instead of recharging our Kindle, we're constantly replacing the batteries and itty-bitty lightbulbs in our Itty-Bitty Booklight.  Grrr.

So if you're in the market for an e-reader, check out Pandigital....then report back here and tell us how you like it.  If we hear enough good reports, A Reader's Respite may be offering a very, very cheap Kindle for sale on Ebay soon.

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