Where's our Kleenex?

Damn, where did we put our Kleenex?

A Reader's Respite is starting to worry that we're going soft in our old age.  We recently acquired a copy of George Bishop's new novel A Letter to My Daughter and damned if we didn't puddle up.  This short (only 126 pages) novel packs a pretty big punch.

Written as one long letter from a mother to her runaway teenage daughter, the big mystery here is how a man managed to so completely capture the mystical mother/daughter bond.  Bishop is both subtle and insightful throughout and whether you are a mother, a daughter, or both, even the most cynical reader will see parts of themselves reflected on the pages.  It's beautiful writing.  The ending was a trifle too trite for A Reader's Respite's taste, but we're willing to forgive just this one time.

Now where did we put the Kleenex?

To the FTC Henchman who has been stalking us:  This particular book came from the Amazon Vine Program.  You wanna piece of them?  The giant Amazon machinery eats FTC enforcers for lunch.

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