Jane Austen runs amok....

Ever since Seth Graham-Smith turned the literary world on it's ear by introducing Zombies to Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride & Prejudice, the world of Recency hasn't been the same.

A Reader's Respite sheepishly admits that a copy of PP&Z resides peacefully on our Amazonian Devil Device (that's a Kindle, for those not in-the-know).  Unread, as yet, but nonetheless it is there, waiting for us to publish a critical comparison of the original versus the 2009 Graham-Smith edition.  We sure you're on the edge of your seat waiting for that.

But meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're being inundated with even more horror-ific Austen tales:

Gee, it's a prequel to PP&Z.  Imagine that.

Of course there were mummies in Mansfield Park....how did we miss that the first time we read this?

Okay, that cover art is just plain creepy, no two-ways about it.

Emma and werewolves.  Hmmmm.

For those who are still mourning the loss of Jane, don't worry, she's not dead.  She's a vampire.

The list is veritably endless, but if you'd like to see a couple more you can go here.

Lest you think that the world of Austen has been completely exhausted, A Reader's Respite found a little something in a Baltimore bookstore today:

Yes, baby, that's right....Jane also solves cozy mysteries.  As a matter of fact, Jane has been solving cozy mysteries far longer than she's been demon-hunting.  Author Stephanie Barron - who, by the by, says on her website that she channels Jane Austen herself to write this series of mysteries - has churned out no less than nine mysteries over the past fifteen years or so in which Jane plays the Regency Sleuth.

Who knew?

And, probably needless to say, who do you think bought a copy today?  Three guesses and the first two don't count.

We'll report back shortly on this one......

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