WTF Wednesday

After being out of the country (and away from the all-mighty internet) for a few days, A Reader's Respite opened our feed reader to find the following posts about one particular, shall-remain-nameless, book:

  • 37 glowing reviews of the same novel, which shall remain nameless here;
  • 4 Guest Posts from author of said nameless novel;
  • 25 Giveaways and/or contests surrounding said nameless novel;
  • and a partridge in a pear tree.

While we applaud this author's masterful manipulation use of the internet for publicity, A Reader's Respite is still scratching our head.  We couldn't make it beyond page 50 of said-nameless-book.  Clearly, our ability to recognize a good book has been somehow compromised and we're seriously considering throwing in the towel on this book review thing.

Or, we could just laugh and say WTF.....

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