Dysfunction Junction

No one does dysfunction quite like author Zoe Heller.  Perhaps best known for her Notes on a Scandal, Heller has given us another cast of not-entirely-likeable characters in her latest release, The Believers, the story of a family falling apart at the seams.

Don't go looking for the good guy in this book because there isn't one.  The Believers centers on an uber-liberal and self-righteous family living in New York.  Liberal attorney Joel, who defends suspected terrorists in court, has been felled by a stroke and his wife and grown children hide behind hypocrisy and lies as they try to find their place in this world without Joel.  Joel's snotty British wife Audrey quickly becomes a character you absolutely love to hate --- the best kind, eh?

Part compelling family drama, part character study and part social commentary, The Believers delves into one family's psyche and, for the most part, comes out shining. It would be impossible to read this novel and not become cognizant of your own family dysfunction.  Each character both draws you in and repels you at various points, leaving the reader with an increasing need to find the truth within the pages.

Does Heller deliver the truth?  Well, that's up to each individual reader.  Suffice it to say that tidy, patronizing endings are not a part of Heller's repertoire and for that, A Reader's Respite is very thankful.  If you liked Notes on a Scandal, you won't be disappointed with The Believers.


FTC (aka Big Brother) Disclosure:  This book winged our way from the indomitable Trish at TLC Book Tours.  Thanks, Trish!


Sound like your cup of tea?  Leave us a comment saying so and on March 25th, we'll draw a random winner to receive a copy of Heller's fabulous novel, The Believers.  All entrants welcome!

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