The Book List

This week, Lost in Books presents the following for The Book List....

3 Fiction Worlds I Would Like to Hang Out In

1.  As much as we hate redundancy, there is simply no way A Reader's Respite could leave Harry Potter's world off this list.  Magic and whimsy meet to create a world so fantastical that the idea of actually hanging out there makes us swoon.  We'd just love to pack our bags and move right into a small room at the top of one of Hogwart's towers.....*sigh*

2.  The Lord of the Rings.  But only if we could stay in the idyllic Shire where life is slower-paced, carefree and not teeming with the dangers that lie over towards Mordor.  We would be careful not to step on any Hobbits and feel reasonably certain that we could remodel an existing home to fit our own needs:

3.  Rebecca, by du Maurier.  But only if we could live in Manderlay and have Mrs. Danvers there to dust our bookshelves.

So, what are your three?

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