You know you're reading too much historical fiction when...

A Reader's Respite was perusing one of our favorite blogs this morning and saw a review for a historical fiction novel entitled "Her Mother's Daughter."

Funny, without even looking at the review (and we'd never heard of this book before), we immediately knew based on the title alone that this book had to be about Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII.

Upon closer inspection, sure enough, we were right.

Does this mean we are reading too much historical fiction when we can figure out the subject just by an elusive title?

Decide for many can you guess based on the following titles? (No fair Googling!)

  1. The Fifth Queen
  2. The Last Queen
  3. The Conqueror
  4. The Last Empress
  5. Devil's Brood
  6. The Sixth Wife
  7. The Heretic Queen
  8. Royal Road to Fotheringhay
  9. Young Bess
  10. The Heart of a Queen

If you can guess the subject of these novels based on the title alone, you are a world-class historical fiction junkie.

If you know the subject of these novels because you've already read the book, well then, it might be time to do some branching out with new genres. :)


  1. Well, I defnitely don't read too much historical fiction ... and this might be why!!!

  2. The Fifth Queen is poor Katherine Howard, wife to Henry VIII; The Last Queen is about Juana the Mad; The Conqueror is about William of Normandy; Devil's Brood is about the sons of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine; The Sixth Wife is about Catherine Parr, last wife of Henry VIII; The Heretic Queen is about Nefertari; Royal Road is about Mary Queen of Scots; Young Bess is about Elizabeth's younger years. Must confess I'm not sure about The Last Empress or The Heart of a Queen!!

  3. Here I go:

    The Fifth Queen: Katherine Howard
    The Last Queen: Juana of Castille
    The Conqueror: William of Normandy
    Devil's Brood: children of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine
    The Sixth Wife: Katherine Parr
    The Heretic Queen: Nefertari
    Royal Road: Mary, Queen of Scots
    Young Bess: Elizabeth I
    Heart of a Queen: have no idea!

    How'd I do?

  4. I only knew three, so I guess I have some more reading to do!

  5. LOL, okay that last one is a bit tough. Elizabeth I made a speech to her troops at Tilsbury saying something along the lines of "I may have the weak and feeble body of a woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king"....I always just assumed that last novel "Heart of a Queen" was a play on that. But maybe I'm wrong. :)

  6. I think Amy and Robin are way ahead of me, but then I've not read much Plaidy like those two.

  7. Actually it looks to me like most of those books are about chess.

  8. Okay, I have read most of those books already, so I'm exempt from your little quiz - it sure did highlight my historical fiction problem, er... prowess. Thanks again for the laugh. I sure needed it today.

  9. I am a historical fiction imbecile. I've not read any, and I didn't know any of the answers. Perhaps this is an untapped source of delight and excitement.

  10. Rhapsodyinbooks - okay, it took me a sec to get that, hahahahaha.

  11. I guess that Devil's Brood might be about the Plantagenets (I think Richard I. and his brothers?). :)
    The Conqueror is very likely to be about William the Conqueror.
    Those are the only ones I can guess, as they are likely to cover my very special interest. :)

  12. I got a little more than half. Fun.

  13. I love this post! My answers are same as Amy' for the heart of a Queen- that's a really really old one on Elizabeth.

  14. Okay, the *real* way I know I read too much historical fiction is that I had to Google "The Sixth Queen" to remember whether or not I'd read it.

  15. God! I have to read a LOT MORE!

  16. Apparently I don't read enough historical fiction (and is that bookcase in your house??!)

  17. Dawn - LOL, good lordy, no! Thankfullly my shelves are divided in to fiction and non, then alphabetical by author's last name. OCD, don't you know? :P


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