Blog Plagerism Day

In the spirit of bloggery-plagerism (a subtle swipe at the tempest in a teapot elsewhere in blogland today), A Reader's Respite felt the following was too good to pass up...

the.effing.librarian clued us into Gucci's campaign with UNICEF to offer the following book:

It's only $25 and every last cent of the proceeds goes to UNICEF, how cool is that? We want one. And if you happen to wrap the book in a Gucci bag for us, we'll just love you that much more.


  1. I'm not really sure what to think about that book, but if it all goes to a good cause, then why not?

  2. What would we do without temptests in teapots? Life would be so dull.

  3. Sandy - check out the effing librarian's description of the book ---it's awesome. I'm buying this one for Big Kid this year (plus, I just want the awesome Gucci wrapping). ;)

    Misfit - thank goodness there are enough wackos out there to keep life interesting, eh?

  4. Well, I don't know what the tempest is but now I'm curious...


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