In the spirit of Turkey Day.....

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S. This is a very, very big tradition in this country. It's the holiday where Americans ostensibly take the time to reflect upon our good fortune and all the things we are thankful for.

In reality, this is the holiday where we stuff ourselves with every piece of food in the icebox and then sit around groaning in agony whilst watching that silly American "football" on the television and marking the official entrance of the over-commercialized, month-of-ridiculous-excess called the Christmas season.

A Reader's Respite shamefully participated in yesterday's shameful exhibition, which included an embarrassingly over-sized turkey, ham and every trimming imaginable. It also included the obligatory trip to the Urgent Care facility for a second degree burn (me) and a bruised tailbone (big kid....don't ask).

To combat the inevitable guilt that accompanyies the day-after-Thanksgiving-oh-my-god-that-scale-can-NOT-be-right, we turned to the hysterical book about our love-hate relationship with food written by Leslie Landis, entitled (appropriately) The Art of Overeating.

Leslie encourages us to indulge in overeating, not to feel guilty about it and points out all of the good we do for society by indulging in that extra piece - or two - of cake.

Overeating is a noble and unselfish act. As you put away gargantuan amounts of food, those sharing the meal with you will be so put off by your example that they will order less, eat less and pass on dessert. You are improving their well being, so the reality is that your overeating is a wonderful, caring sacrifice.

Leslie Lasndis, MFT

Clearly, this lady knows what she's talking about. She provides everything from the finer points of child-rearing (bribe them with candy) to the most efficient way of cleaning up (lick everyone's plate clean).

And if you're worried about those extra holiday pounds, don't.....Leslie's book will have you laughing so hard that the pounds will melt away. In a nutshell, this book would make a fabulous gift for any gal you know who suffers from holiday-food-guilt syndrome.'s time for leftover ham for breakfast.


  1. No major holiday is complete without a trip to the emergency room!

    That sounds like a very interesting book...sort of.. lol

  2. Oh gosh, I hope you're okay now and had a Happy Thanksgiving in spite of the trip to the emergency room.

  3. I'm liking the sound of this author...she and I would get along just fine! Sorry to hear about the burn. I'd love to be able to show you my burn scars to make you feel better. I have them up and down my arms, and on my hands. I'm a disaster! Why is is that you just innately want to grab the handle of something hot?

  4. I bet the ERs around the country are hopping on holidays! I doubt you were alone, but sorry you had to be there!

  5. Ha - ER wasn't a big deal, really. Except for the tetanus shot....that hurt dammit. But the place wasn't busy, empty really, and we were outta there in 20 minutes or so. :)

  6. I KNEW I was an artiste in some way! This is it!

  7. What a perfect read for the day after Thanksgiving.

  8. O wow. I mean, what's a family holiday without a trip to the ER? Hope you two are ok!!!

  9. I need that book ... and I'm treating it as non-fiction! Hope your burn and bruised kid are OK!


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