Warhol, anyone?

A Reader's Respite is an admitted fool when it comes to art. Despite three art history classes, we never did understand the attraction of Jackson Pollck. Random splatters....hmmmm....perhaps you had to be part of the LSD culture of the 60's?

Pollock's Untitled (Green Silver), now in the Guggenheim in New York City

Nor have we ever understood the outrageous prices some of these pieces have sold for. This is where art dealer Richard Polsky comes in. He chattily brings the intricacies (and backstabbing) of the convoluted art market down to a layperson's level with his new book, I Sold Any Warhol. (too soon).

Polsky relates the tempestuous, oft-times greedy, heady business of high-end art collection. From the artists themselves to the dealers to the famous auction houses, Polsky chronicles the premature sale of his beloved Andy Warhol painting at auction (he needed the money to fund his wife's obscene shopping habit).

Warhol's Fright Wig Self-Portrait. Yes, this was worth a lot of money.

One forgives the occasional over-the-top, Chandler-esque metaphor ("....festered like a piece of rotting fruit") because Polsky is just so damned entertainingly informative. The art world reads like a soap opera run amok. Ever wonder how a piece of art comes to sell for millions and millions of dollars? What makes it "worth" that amount? Polsky explains it all and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

For those of you who are really interested in the behind the scenes art world, this book is actually a follow up to Polsky's first expose, called I Bought Andy Warhol, offers more insider snark.

Interested in the art world? Leave us a comment and on November 15th, we'll draw one random winner to enjoy the book. International entrants welcome!


  1. Art and snark sounds like a good combination!

  2. My sister is an artist, so I have to keep up with these things just so I don't look stupid. Personally, I've never gotten the whole thing either, but more power to them! I'll put my name in the hat...rnawrot at cfl dot rr dot com

  3. The art world is so deliciously screwy, I just can't help but love it. Must get my hands on this book.

  4. I would love to win this book, as I'm a HUGE Art & Warhol fan!

    Thank you for the entry.


  5. Warhol is great! Please put me in the draw!

  6. Well I'm interested in it now. I love books that give you an "insider's" look at something I know nothing about ... and I know nothing about art! Cool. Please enter me.

  7. This is a must read ! Sign me up to win. My husband actually met Warhol and received an autograph (which we framed). Rather than underline his name, Andy drew a line ABOVE his name. Isn't that just "Warhol"?

  8. I love art and am fascinated by what is considered an authentic piece and what isn't. Like, everyone acknowledges paintings as art no matter how well or poorly executed, but what about other media?

  9. Sounds like a cool book. It always amazes me what passes as "art".

  10. Would enjoy learning more about Warhol...thanks for the opportunity.

    karen k

  11. I like Warhol's art and I'm interested in this book. Please enter me.

    linna.hsu at gmail dot com

  12. Great review (I've linked to you here).

    I thought Polsky was a little confusing at times, mostly because I know so little about the contemporary art world. But I did find it entertaining and informative - I finally know who Damien Hirst is, for example!


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