Gifting bookish-things

A Reader's Respite usually finds ourselves wrapped in angst when it comes to choosing bookish-gifts. And let's face it, because we are such rabid bibliophiles, we foist our bookish-gifts on absolutely everyone, regardless of how the recipient personally feels about books.

Too bad.

My gift, my choice.

Get over it.

So when we do find an uber-cool bookish-gift that manages to transcend the latest garish best-seller plastered in the display windows of every Barnes and Noble on both sides of the Mississippi, we feel like sharing our small victory.

This time, my gifting angst was centered on my dad. Dad, you see, is smitten with his three year old grandson. (Sidenote: he seems to be the only one currently smitten with He Who Misbehaves. But we digress.)

We think he is smitten because said grandchild is the only one who tolerates "Pa-Pa" and his all-day-fishing-trips-regardless-of-the-weather-don't-be-a-sissy. They love it. They thrive on it. And it gets He Who Misbehaves out of the house for the day. Woot!

So when we stumbled upon this, our heart went pitter-patter:

Check. it. out. Louis Lamit has created the coolest fishing journal for kids/parent/grandparent EVER.

My Fishing Journal is a fill-in journal, not just a bunch of blank pages that would probably get used for boating-style toilet paper. In this journal, PaPa and He Who Misbehaves actually get to fill it out together, with areas to record where they fished, what they caught, bait they were using, etc, etc, etc.

There's even a spot for kids to draw a small sketch of the Catch of the Day.

This is the ULTIMATE bookish-gift for the fishing peeps in your life. It's book related. It's fun for the fishers (not so much for the poor fish, but that's the subject of another post). And it makes for a fabulous book of memories to look back on someday.

As we said, uber-cool.


  1. Now I'm wishing I knew a fishing fanatic to gift this to! I wonder if there's something similar for golfers?!

  2. Belle, yes there is a journal for golfers! You can find them in golf stores. They usually have little inserts too so you can put the scorecards in the journal.

    We do have a friend that's a fishing fanatic, and to prove it he has EIGHT freezers he keeps around the house and yard with various "souvenirs" from his fishing trips. I would like it if there were a Freezer Guide Journal for someone like him, especially when we go over there for dinner and I say, HOW LONG HAS THIS ONE BEEN IN THE FREEZER?!!!

  3. Belle - not sure if this is the same one Rhapsodyinbooks is referring to, but check this one out:

  4. Didn't you know that I reviewed it last month?

    Check out Mr. BFR's thoughts.

  5. Beth - totally missed that review (hanging head in shame). I just went and found it and concur wholeheartedly with Mr. BFR. This journal rocks!

  6. Ha! I was JUST going to say "am I halucinating, or did I just read this review recently on Beth Fish Reads???". See, I'm not senile yet. Or like my husband likes to say, even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and again. My dad is a huge fisherman. I'm not real sure he would take the time to write down anything, but it worth a shot.

  7. oh wow that's an awesome idea for a gift. i don't have anyone that would use something like this though, but i do agree that i like giving people in my life book-ish items even if they don't read.


  8. Michele, if we all read every blog every day, we would have no life. Wait! I don't have a life . . .

  9. So sweet! It sounds like THE perfect gift for PaPa and He Who Misbehaves! I'd love to see photos when it gets used after awhile!

  10. My boyfriend is an AVID fisherman. He has even talked about starting a fishing journal - although it seems to be that each time I buy into his ideas, he never ends up using whatever it is at the time that he's raving about. I will keep this in mind for him b/c I think if he gave it a shot he'd love it!

  11. When I give bookish gifts to non-readers I always include something that ties into the book like for this maybe a fishing pole or some of those funny looking bait things (sorry, I don't fish). It makes them more likely to actually read or at least use the book lol.

  12. You know what else they could do? Fish printing! You take the fish, roll paint or ink over its side, and then stamp with it. I'm sure that would go over great with both generations, right??

    Oh, okay, maybe not, but I've done it and it looks cool. Oh, good lord, not with something I've CAUGHT, with a RUBBER TOY fish.

  13. My husband and daughter love these journals. I would, too, if I could catch a doggone fish. I think they know I'm actually reading and not paying much attention to pole. They eat the worm right off and then swim away.

  14. That's a great idea for a gift. And if your son is anything like mine was, fishing will provide a wholesome hobby that will spark an interest in science, and teach him self-reliance. (He'll also learn to lie with a straight face.)


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