Speaking of giveaways.....

In our continuing effort to recruit more unsuspecting reading fools into the Outlander Series cult, there is a huge, huge giveaway going on over at The Outlander Reading Challenge site.

Hosted by yours truly and One Literature Nut, it is a giveaway of the entire Outlander Series.

Yep, the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

So if you've always wanted to read the series (or know someone who does), get over there pronto and enter!

Read the rules and have fun.


  1. Great giveaway!

    It'll be interesting to see what the total page count will be. I have my guess but since I own and have read the entire series, I won't enter this giveaway.

  2. You are just reminding me that I am failing miserably at this challenge. No way I'm getting through all of the books by September! Argh!

    If I could keep my TBR pile from growing for even one week, I might have a chance to catch up. I got eight books last week...sigh...

  3. I read and loved Volume 1, but my brain stutters to a stop at the notion of working through the whole series. I was burned by the 'Wheel of Time' megaseries situation (14 huge volumes, I think it was, and then, before the final one tying all loose ends together is complete, the author passes away).


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