Jackie and Bobby....Whatcha Think?

Now A Reader's Respite knows that it isn't nice to gossip and that one should probably let the dead rest in peace.

HOWEVER....at the risk of burning in hell, let's talk about C. David Heymann's new tell-all book due to hit the shelves on July 14th. Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story alleged that Saint Jackie had a four year affair with her brother-in-law following her husband's assassination.

While Heymann claims a handful of family friends as credible sources, other respected Kennedy biographers have dismissed Heymann as a shyster looking for a quick buck.

What say you?


  1. I'm too young to know anything about what happened first-hand but it wouldn't surprise me if he was really just out for money. These kinds of tell-all biographies sell really well. It's similar to what biographers do with medieval women subjects; the book's not really about them because there isn't enough info, but books about women sell better than books about men, so that's what they try to do. It's sad that it's all about money, isn't it?

  2. Well, they do say where there's smoke...I actually read a book about the Kennedy's (starting way back on the family tree) for a class in college. It really wasn't a "tell all" as much as factual stuff, but boy did that family live on the edge. I can completely buy it. I mean, how much trauma was that poor woman suffering from, after having her husband blown all over her dress on live TV? And, Bobby was quite attractive and did look alot like his brother. I'm sure she wouldn't be the first woman who turned to another family member after a tragic event. Something about displaced emotions.

  3. I say my mother will want to read this book as soon as it comes out - me, not so much. It's ancient history as far as I'm concerned.

  4. I agree that I am too young (THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME THE OPP TO SAY THAT!) to know anything that happened in the 60's.. But the fact that after 40 years I never got the impression that Jackie and Bobby would have had an affair speaks for itself. Hogwash.

  5. Oh dear, Marie just made me feel very very old - I can still remember being glued to the TV during JFK's funeral. Oh course I was very very very young at that time.

    That said, not sure how I feel about this.

  6. Ya, I agree with you. I noticed this one on a Shelf Awareness newsletter and at first I thought it sounded intriguing. But after pondering it for awhile, I thought...No way! Forget about it, it's done and over. Just like Michael Jackson...did we honestly need coverage of his memorial service televised on all of the major networks yesterday??? Ok, I'm ranting now.

  7. Interesting, I hadn't heard that rumor before. Though I can't see myself reading this as I don't really trust books like this.

    There's also a book about JFK coming out called American Adulterer.

  8. It wouldn't surprise me if it's all just gossip.

  9. I've read a couple books on the Kennedys that either hinted at, or discussed the possibility of Jackie and Bobby having had an affair.

    But an entire book on the topic? Is the auhor going to talk about anything else?

  10. I have read that Jackie and Bobbie became very close after the assassination. Of course, they were the two people who were closest to John. But as for an affair--it surely would have come out sooner.

  11. I have a lot of difficulty believing what's said in most of these tell-all books that come out. It just seems like there's always someone looking to tell some juicy new, previously unknown tidbit about this famous person or that one. It was done to Diana, I can't even begin to imagine how many books will be written about Michael etc. Jackie was reserved, quiet, elegant and lived her life out of the limelight. I think there are people particularily in the media who almost take offense at that. And then they exploit her.

    I am wondering where's this book been, why did it take this long to write it. Could it be because the writer had to fabricate the idea and then try to prove it, or make it look like he proved it. Even if she did have a RELATIONSHIP with her brother-in-law, well...good for her.

    I think Heymann is looking for easy money.

    I agree with Sandy that the Kennedy clan did and does live on the edge. I read a book about the family and the name of the game among them was competition. They all love each other and are very close, but they all compete to be the best and do the most. The book said that all that started with Joe Kennedy dad to JFK and all his brothers & sisters.

    If you read it, let us know what you think ! =o)


  12. I am too young, too but I'd say yep something may have happened as two people found solace during a time of immense pain.


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