Help Wanted

A Reader's Respite is in dire need of a Blog Secretary.

Why, you ask?

A Reader's Respite is extraordinarily forgetful. This may be due to age or a lack of oxygen resulting from so much time spent in pressurized aircraft at 35,000. We're not sure.

The fabulous commentators who brighten our day for some reason refuse to hold A Reader's Respite's feet to the fire.

As a result, things like book giveaway announcements get left in some forgotten blog corner, gathering cyberspace dust and leaving said commentators wondering, "WHO WON THE DAMNED BOOK?"

A blog secretary could remedy all of this.

Job requirements:
  • Male
  • Previous experience working in films, preferably films that involved hobbits and wizards
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Must have a finely honed memory (finely honed abs are a plus, too)

Oh yeah, and you must look like this:


A Reader's Respite's everlasting adoration and the undying gratitude of those waiting to see WHO WON THE DAMNED BOOK.

If you fit the bill, please contact us immediately.

Oh, and Booking Mama? You won Bound South! Shoot me an email with your address so I can send it out on the next Pony Express.


  1. If you find you have an excess of applicants, please send the leftovers my way. I've been having the same problem.

  2. Even a Viggo look-alike would work fine with me. But back the the memory problem, you have no excuses. You just have a full-time job and two kids. What do you have to think about? Except entertaining us and making us laugh?

  3. If your blog secretary has a twin brother, send him my way. Congrats to Booking Mama!

  4. Thanks so much -- I'm very excited!!!

  5. You are freakin' hilarious! Love this post! I'm with Meg...send us some of the yummy, yummy leftovers or at least let us rent him out every now and then.

  6. Way to go Booking Mama. You are hysterical. I absolutely love your post. Thanks 4 the giggles.

  7. Oh Lordy! I would love to share this secretary with you as I forgot about announcing a giveaway winner the other day too! He meets all my qualifications as well!

    And I gave you an award here:

  8. You know, if you had a secretary like that you would probably get even LESS work done! I know I would.


  9. LOL! I loved this post! I hope you find your secretary. In the meantime, it looks like BookingMama survived and will still get her book, so all is well.

  10. Nice eye candy. I don't think I could sneak one of those into my house.

    Morgan Mandel

  11. Please publish picture of your new assistant. Preferably without shirt.

  12. Congrats to Booking Mama!!!

    And when you're flying and not at home, I'll that that new sect'y!

  13. Good heavens...I'd better put my request in for a male secretary (Hugh Jackman)!!!

  14. Ahhh Viggo... there is just something about that man that just puts a little pep in your step don't ya think?

    I see there is a list starting of those willing to bid on his free time-yep add me!

  15. Congrats Booking Mama! Thanks for the eye candy first thing this morning! Although I think I personally would have posted a picture of Daniel Craig, Viggo is definitely a close second. :)

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