Drunkeness, Ruminations, Gratitude and a Free Book

A Reader's Respite has been missing in action for a while. Why?
Because, as it turns out, schlepping drunken teenagers the length and breadth of three countries while they drink, pass out, drink some more and film themselves for the next Girls Gone Wild video extravaganza is exhausting work.

Yes, guys and gals....the melee known as Spring Break sucks the very life out of airline employees. Bad things happen during this time. Airplanes break down, weather forces cancellations, planes have to divert when teenagers pass out from all the booze, police have to meet the flight when those same teenagers regain consciousness and decide to join the Mile-High Club in that nasty coach lavatory.

And the worst thing that happens? Your pilot ends up spending her daughter's very first birthday stuck in Toronto.

Spring Break sucks.

But all is not lost. After a short three days spent in the mental ward regaining our sanity (also known as a trip to The Quiet Room), A Reader's Respite was sufficiently recuperated to check our e-mail. Patiently waiting in our e-mail inbox were some awards sent this way.

Perhaps it was the emotional exhaustion, but these awards brought on an overwhelming sense of gratitude for not only those who sent the awards, but also for each and every one of you who stopped by and took the time to comment while A Reader's Respite was on her way to The Quiet Room.

So without further ado.....

The Friend's Award was thoughtfully presented by:

Wendi's Book Corner

Passages to the Past

Jo-Jo Loves to Read!!!

The Primio Dardos Award was sent our way from:

Betty Jo over at Movie Addict Headquarters

Alyce from At Home With Books

The Your Blog is Fabulous Award winged it's way to us from:

Jo-Jo Loves to Read!!!

Where Life Hands You Lemons Award comes from:

Misfit from At home with a good book and the cat....

The Sisterhood Award was bestowed on us by:

Mss Joss at Reviews of Young Adult Literature

Sandy from You've GOTTA Read This!

Amy at Passages to the Past (back at ya, babe!)

So I guess what we're trying to say here is THANK YOU, from the icy depths of our cold, black heart.

You all may have saved me from another trip to The Quiet Room.

Oh, and we were supposed to announce a winner for The Lost City of Z, by David Grann on Friday. We're only 3 days late this time, so progress is being made in that department!

Our randomly-drawn winner?

It's all yours, Julie at Outlandish Dreaming! Zap me your mailing address and I'll flag down the next Pony Express!


  1. We have missed your little cold black heart around here! Welcome back from the Quiet Room. And congrats on your awards...you are a well-loved mental patient.

  2. Ick, ick ick. Any dreams I had of working for the airline industry (I had none!) have completely vanished.

    Welcome back from the Quiet Room. We missed you. And your daughter forgives you.

  3. Another reason to despise teenagers - or little shits as I like to call them. I'm so sorry you missed Cate's birthday, but look on the bright side- she's not old enough to give you a guilt trip and she won't remember it later on in therapy!

    Racking up those awards aren't ya! I can hear your cold, black heart melting a little!

  4. Sounds like a nightmare. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound though! Congratulations on all the love you were awarded!


  5. Sorry you had to miss your daughter's birthday - that just stinks. Congratulations on all of your awards!

  6. I was wondering where you had gotten to. That's so sad that you had to miss your baby's birthday. Congrats on the awards-all well deserved.

  7. What a haul!?! I've been wondering where you went off... I shoulda known it was the Quiet Room.

    I have a Quiet Room too. It's my bathroom. Normally I can't get in there without my little one's but they're a little older now and I can shoo them off and thus it becomes MY QUIET ROOM. I get most of my reading done in there. :D

  8. Oh boy, can I relate! I generally try not to let any square inch of flesh touch touch any surface in those lavs, just the thought of the mile high club makes my skin crawl. Gross.

    Looks like I got off easy this year...so sorry you missed your baby's birthday :(

    Congrats on those lovely awards, aren't book bloggers the best?


  9. Thank you - I'm thrilled I won, but I'm sorry you had such a rotten time of it and missed your daughter's birthday!

    I've emailed you, and thanks again, congrats on all your aweswome awards - you deserve them!

  10. Please, God, tell me one of those girls is not my daughter who is on spring break in Costa Rica!!!!

  11. This post is hilarious. Except for the part about missing your daughter's birthday, of course. You must have been heartbroken over that one.

  12. Congrats, all those awards must be warming your little cold black heart LMAO
    Where's our invite to the Quiet Room?? I think I could do with a trip there myself.

  13. For a minute there, I thought I was gong to see incriminating photos of my daughter on spring break. She and her friends drove from Maryland to Florida, though, so they didn't crontribute to your wretched week. So sad that you missed your daughter's birthday.

  14. Well congrats on the awards - all well deserved! But I'm sorry you missed your daughter's first birthday. Stuck in Toronto - I generally end up stuck in Detroit!

  15. Congrats on your awards and I'm glad you got them when you needed them the most!

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