Happiness is a Relative Thing

A Library Girl Reads has tagged A Reader's Respite for the Six Things That Make Me Happy meme.

It bears mentioning that the things that make us happy are a big unconventional.

Don't say you weren't warned.

1. Silence. There's nothing like a good dose of Shut-the-Hell-Up around this house to make A Reader's Respite sigh with delight.

2. Anytime someone messes with Ann Coulter. That woman is a nutjob.

3. Clear skies and calm wind. It makes work ever-so-much easier when we're not #94 in line for takeoff out of Newark.

4. Normal passengers. It makes us most happy when peeps aren't trying to pass off their 3-month old Chihuahua as a seeing eye dog. Or trying to bring a monkey aboard as a "food taster." Really.

5. Mystery Science Theater 3000. I love that show.

6. Mayonaisse. It's our favorite condiment.


  1. I love silence...and mayo. I probably like mayo too much for my own good.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Mayo... I have bad memories of it. My dad used to put so much on our sandwiches that it would squirt in my mouth and out either when I took a bite at school. The thought of it makes me shudder. To this day, I do not have mayo on my sandwiches. If it comes with it, I scrape as much as I can off. ACK!!! LOL! Happiness is indeed relative.

  3. You must have the patience of a saint having to wait in line at Newark!

    Funny, I have fond memories of watching the planes land at Newark in the middle of the night. I'd see them all line up from where we live (Northern NJ, due west of NYC on a mountain) and when my son was a newborn and I'd be up for those 2AM feedings, I watch the planes from his nursery window, they'd all line up in the air like giant bumblebees and go in finally for their landings. I was too far away (about 15 miles) to see them actually land, but I'd see them get lower and lower and disappear eventually and then I'd eye the next one. Now my little guy is 15 - so long ago, but I loved those nights alone with him and watching the planes land!

  4. Way too funny! But even that photo of mayo turns my stomach. I'm not a big fan. In fact I almost hate it; but tolerate it in stuff like tuna salad.

    Silence is lovely! A mega joy of working at home with no kids. I get blessed silence most of the day.

  5. Your list is great! I love silence, too - that's why I rarely turn the TV on.

  6. Silence!!! In a household like mine - it is a treasure. Nap time... (sighs) or after 9pm (sighs) I don't even turn on the tv half the time. I just soak it up.

  7. LOL on number 1. I have decided that I am definitely becoming old and crotchety. I need quiet and I need it regularly!

  8. You never fail to make me laugh at every post! Yes, I adore silence and I have it while the kids are at school. Ahhhh! So, if you are lined up at #94 in Newark, can you read while you're sitting? Or pop an audio book in your ear? Would that be in bad taste? I hated mayo until I learned to make it myself. Now I'm almost tempted to lick the container I make it in!

  9. Hee,hee,hee...how true (you know I totally agree with you on 3 & 4!)


  10. Man I love mayonaisse.

    Also, number two is just about perfect.

  11. Maybe we should institute a International Silence Day. Wouldn't that be nice?

    And I'll be careful with my photos of mayo in the future out of respect for the squeamish.

    Sandy - officially they frown on reading/audio. I'm not sayin' what I do. :P

  12. What a great list!

    Thanks for playing :-)

  13. I love to sit in the restaurant in IKEA, across from Newark airport and watch planes land and take off. and to drive south on the turnpike from there and see the line of planes coming into land...cool

    On the other hand, the airport is so busy, I HATE to take off from there, especially at night. I just don't see how somebody does not hit somebody else. It seems like chaos.

    My favorite airport to take off from is Atlantic City. You are always the only plane.

  14. Shut-the-Hell-Up is my utmost favorite. I love silence. I love mayo too-it's my fave-use it on everything. Probably not such a good thing. lol.

  15. Mayo makes me gag. Looks like Literate Housewife and Beth are my new best friends.

  16. MST 3000! It used to be a guilty pleasure but not if I was watching while on the treadmill...Is it still on TV?

  17. I completely agree on silence, mayo and Ann Coulter!


  18. Caite - oooooh, I see that damned IKEA everytime and I so want to go there. But how the heck would I get everything home???

    Sherry - no, the only way to see them now is on DVD or youtube. Such a shame...I used to love that show.

    Now to completely gross out both sides of the mayo debate:

    For both of my pregnancies, about the only thing I ate was frozen burritos dipped in mayo. Eeeeewwwwww.

  19. I'm sooooo sorry I came back to read the comments. Your last comment was revolting. It's only 8:45 am. I don't think I'll be eating breakfast. Ick.

  20. Beth - SORRY!!!!! Rule #1 -- never, ever read anything I have to say before 11am. It will help your digestive system, trust me. ;)

  21. With you all the way on MST3000, which may be one of the funniest shows ever. If only they has done a Kung Fu version.

  22. 1. Oh yes!!
    2. Seriously.
    3. N/A - I'm usually in an aisle seat reading a book.
    4. Ask them next time if they're sure it's not a Thinking Brain-dog....
    5. N/A
    6. On french fries only.

    Thanks again for the laugh!

  23. true Michele, it would be very hard to get much from IKEA in those little roll-on suitcase pilots always have. it would be very unsatifactory.

    on the other hand, my sister and law and I rent a BIG panel van last weekend and went to the Ikea in Philly for a shopping trip to re-do the niece's bedroom at home (as opposed to her college condo which is already all Ikea'ed).
    that was a GRAND Ikea trip...very satisfactory.

  24. Love this list! One of the most unique I've seen! And I haven't thought of MST3K in ages! I was obsessed with that show for ages!!!

    And silence ... especially in a house with a non-stop-talking 4-year-old is such a blessing.

  25. Jenners - oh no. I have a 3 year old who hasn't shut up since he turned 2. So what I'm hearing from you that it keeps going until their 4. Crap. I need earplugs.


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