The Best Part of BlogLand

Now many people might surmise that the best part of being a book blogger would be, well....books. Lots of books.

But they would be wrong.

The best part of being a book blogger is most assuredly the fellow bibliophiles you get to meet and the lasting friendships that are forged through a love of the printed word.

How A Reader's Respite envisions all of us in 10 40 years.

How do you know you've made some darned good friends in Blogland? Why the awards, of course!

This is the part where I mention a few of the wonderful friends I have.....

Bunnitaz from Worth Reading It? sent me another of those beautiful, grammatically messed-up Butterfly Awards. I've taken a shine to this award, mostly because the grammar makes me smile every time. (Does anyone know where this one originated? I'd love to know.)

Lezlie from Books 'N Border Collies (and one very awesome gal) sent me the Great Buddy Award....this one touches A Reader's Respite's cold, black heart!

TexasRed Books thoughtfully send me the Lemonade Award for blogs with great attitude. Based upon my attitude as of late, I am assuming this is a gentle reminder not to be so cranky this early in the year. :)

Sandy, that taskmaster over at You've GOTTA Read This! who tricked me into reading Wuthering Heights (ha!), sent along the Fabulous Blog Award. Very Audrey Hepburn of her, no? Maybe someday I'll be as chic and thin as the gal on the award. Until then, someone get me another Hershey bar, please.

So thank you, Ladies!


  1. You are most welcome, oh, cranky one! :-)


  2. You don't have a black heart! You have one of the biggest hearts around (and the funniest and wittiest too!). You are most deserving of them all!

  3. Congratulations on your latest awards Michele!

  4. Loved the clips!!! And the all the awards are well deserved!!!

  5. but wait, there really was more. awesomeness! I read them backwards. :D

  6. I LOVE the Golden Girls!! My life has been a sort of metamorphosis between the characters of GG. I started off young and naive like Rose, once I hit puberty I was a little Blanche, now I'm more like Dorothy...nothing is better than a night in bed with a book. And pretty soon I get to be Sophia and say really inappropriate things and be bitchy...hey, I'm old...old people can get away with anything!

  7. This is so funny cause I always tell my family that when 'I grow up for real'- I'm being a Golden Girl (Bingo and all)!

  8. I have been Sophia for 10 years now, LOL, what does that say about me? Jeez.

  9. Congrats! I'm glad the butterfly award does the same to you. I always just assumed I just didn't "get" it. lol.

    Also, props for the GG love! Lovin it!

  10. This was so funny! And one of the better "award acceptance" posts I've seen!

  11. Congrats on all the awards, Michele. Very well deserved!


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