Diversifying My Bookshelves

It's good to know that the buttocks can just go plain crazy. And that you can live with it.

Here I was thinking it was because of this

and this

and this

One wrong word out of Mr. Reader's Respite and he's going to be living in a cardboard box alongside Interstate 5.


  1. That is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh today.

  2. LOL!!!! Glad to know that my behind is not alone in this world!!!

  3. I love that book - sometimes I think people are following me...I turn around...and doh! it's just my butt!

  4. Whew! I thought it was just me. :-)


  5. I'm chuckling over here! And I'm hungry now!

  6. Oh that is hillarious! My personal weakness is Doritos....

  7. Totally hilairious, I don't know where you find them!

  8. Michele, that spinach dip and pie look delish. Mmmm. I love the cover of the book. Something about photos from that era has always appealed to me. I wonder what the heck that books is about?!?!


  9. That book is certainly a diversification. And why are you posting such yummy things on your blog? I am at work and trying to pretend that I am real busy while all i am thinking of is how can i get my hands on some chips before lunch time...

  10. Oh my god, Ruffles. I'd forgotten about Ruffles because we don't get them here. I miss them now! And oh, the homesickness!

  11. I love your posts Michele. I don't know how you find the time to track down these books but I'm glad you do!

    Pumpkin pie, my fave, yummmmmmm! (But it's gotta have cool whip on top, not that real whipped cream. Somehow the taste of cool whip just goes with pumpkin pie. And cool whip is terrible for you, just like everything else that tastes good...)

  12. Pie! Did someone say there was pie??

  13. Daphne - oh sure, have a laugh at the expense of my ever-growing behind. ;)

    Beth - you are soooooo not alone. You have no idea.

    Amy - listen up, skinny minny...don't want to hear it!

    Lezlie - see above. :)

    Alyce - I'm always hungry, therein lies the problem.

    Kathy - Amazon can be a treasure-trove of ridiculous books at times.

    Jo-Jo - oh, don't get me started on Doritos! I haven't had those in years....yum.

    Leah - I spend way too much time browsing online bookstores!

    Shana - I'm almost tempted to buy the book to find out! Looks like a torture device.

    Veens - :)

    Violet - I'm trying to make you all eat as much as I have recently to assuage my food guilt. ;)

    Michelle - sounds like a care-package is in order for you!

    Carey - how right you are about the Coolwhip! Real whip cream for some things, but NOT pumpkin pie!

    Caite - pie, pie, pie, pie! ha.


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