Out With the Old....

Books that joined forces and weaseled their way into the Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa TBR Pile this week:

The King's Daughter: A Novel of the First Tudor Queen, by Sandra Worth. (Have you read the author's guest post at Loaded Questions?)

The Widows of Eastwick, by John Updike. Not sure why this one was allowed to sneak in...I'm not a huge Updike fan, but we'll give it a go.

The Hour I First Believed, by Wally Lamb. I've read some *bleh* reviews on this one, but I love Wally Lamb so I couldn't help it.

Books that were wishlist-worthy:

Things happening in Blogland this past week....

  • Author Neil Gaiman gave us his *ahem* interesting recipe for holiday cranberry sauce.
  • Need a good laugh? Head over to 15 Minute Lunch to read about holiday yard displays.
  • Historical fiction fans will love the list of upcoming titles posted at Reading the Past.
  • Have you supported First Book? If you haven't yet gotten around to this great cause, go over to She is too Fond of Books to grab a coupon for Barnes and Noble online and join in.
  • Check out my new favorite recipe blog, Ezra Pound Cake (don't you just love that name?)

Big Summation of the Week:

The American Lit-Bloggers all gorged themselves on a Thanksgiving Feast and will be dieting for the next year to get rid of all the pounds we gained! And it was so worth it.


  1. I've read those bleh reviews too, but I still have The Hour I First Believed on my Christmas wish list.

  2. The King's Daughter looked really good to me too.

  3. I just finished The King's Daughter this afternoon. Good stuff!


  4. Gee whiz, Neil's 'recipe' for cranberry sauce is printed on the bag that holds the cranberries. No need to consult a cookbook. So uncool to refer peeps to the vile amazon for nothing.

  5. Kathy - I'll be interested to hear what you think of the book.

    Beth - I'll report back on it shortly. ;)

    Lezlie - holy cow, you're a speed reader, I swear.

    Anonymous - now see...if I was any kind of an actual cook, I'd know that about the cranberry sauce. ha.

  6. Michele - Somebody Else's Daughter is excellent!

    I'm looking forward to reading all three of the books you bought this week, especially that first one!


  7. You better start exercising as well lol!

  8. I'm glad you liked the review of the Dracula Dossier. Thanks for the link!

  9. I've got Wally Lamb's new one too and I've read the so-so reviews of it but he's a favorite so I'll form my own opinion when I read it. It's a big honkin book though.

  10. I can't wait to try The Hour I First Believed and to read what you think of it!


  11. I haven't read Wally Lamb, yet. I think the Oprah label put me off, but I'll get around to reading him, eventually.

  12. I was surprised to see the blah reviews. I plan on reading it at some point (who knows when) and I'm looking forward to your review.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  13. I loved *She's Come Undone*, and was lukewarm on *I Know this Much is True*. Like you, I intend to read *The Hour I First Believed*, despite the mixed reviews. It hasn't made its way onto my TBR stack yet, I've got it on my Christmas wish list :)

  14. I look forward to reading Sandra Worth's book. She is a fantastic author!


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