I think I'm in love...

Okay, after a month or better of lurking on his blog, I'm ready to admit it. I'm in love with the.effing.librarian. Really. Do you read his posts? How can I not love someone who is as snarky as I am? If you're not familiar, read his post about foreign accents syndrome. Or his attempt to Twitter 100 times in a day. You'll pee your pants, though, so be careful.

If it weren't for his girlfriend and my husband/two kidlets, I swear I'd be his internet stalker. If my local librarians were this funny, I would so have a library card.


  1. On your recommendation, I've added him to my Reader. I think I'll like him. . . :-)


  2. He's a pretty funny dude...should I be jealous?

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Naw, I can't even leave a comment on his blog. You, I actually TALK to (and I hear that's an important part of a relationship, ha).

  4. OMG - I love him too!

    Did you see this post?

    Freakin' HILarious!!!


  5. Shana - glad I'm not the only one. I loved that patron post. I swear, I laugh out loud at his posts.

  6. He is a stich!!! How in the effing did you find him??? What a hoot!
    Thank for sharing,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  7. I'll offer to co-stalk with you ... OMG he's funny!

    and the time spent reading blog posts grows again ...

  8. I know - my feed reader is getting out of control these days. Over 100 feeds and I need to tone it down...but there are soooo many great blogs out there!


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