Goodbye, Mr. Crichton

Author Michael Crichton has passed away of cancer at age 66. Mr. Crichton had a fascinating career: a graduate of Harvard Medical School, he began writing novels while studying to be a doctor (that's what I call At that time, he published under a pseudonym and his book A Case of Need (originally published with the pen name of Jeffrey Hudson) won an Edgar Award in 1969.

The Andromeda Strain also came out in 1969, followed by The Terminal Man (1972), Congo (1980) and Sphere (1987). It wasn't until 1990 that he hit it big with the publication of Jurassic Park. The book was a best-seller and a hit movie duly followed. Rising Sun, Disclosure, and Airframe amongst others followed throughout the 1990's.

He also wrote screenplays, perhaps the most successful of which was the script for the hit television show E.R. (he also was a co-creator and executive producer). He co-wrote the screenplay for the hit movie Twister in 1996 and even directed some of his own screenplays.

Cool tidbit: In December of 1994, Michael Crichton reached the pinnacle of success...Jurassic Park was the #1 movie in the country, E.R. was the #1 television show, and Disclosure was the #1 best-seller in paperback. Wow.

His latest book will be published in Spring of 2009. His work will be missed!


  1. The good ones die young. How us readers will miss him.

  2. This was so sad for my whole family - Michael Crichton is the one author we all love. Our son is in college and rarely calls, but he called when he heard this.


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