Diversifying My Bookshelves

I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen, by Jasper McCutcheon.

This one shows promise, don't you think?

I know, I know....I really must stop cruising Amazon for stuff like this and start writing some reviews.


  1. No! Don't stop! I like my morning chuckle.

  2. That's awesome! Definite potential, there. Now, how on earth did you find this?

  3. Beth - I'll keep 'em coming if for no other reason than you. :)

    Book Lady - you don't really want to know the answer to that one. (Really). ha.

    Shana - now don't you go judging a book by it's cover! For all we know, it may be a literary masterpiece. Or not.

  4. And the search criteria to find such a treasure is...?

  5. Pygmies just sounded like a fun subject, Luann. I know, I'm weird. It's okay to say so.

  6. hahaha! i love this ...whatever u do - this brings on the smile- and reminds me that i m not alone LOL!


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