...and In With the New

...and In With the New is a look at what's coming in the week ahead.

Reviews coming this week:
Jenford: A Short History of Upland, by Hendrik E. Sadi. This is the story of a farmer's look back on the history of his family and community from Civil War times.

The Devil's Brood, by Sharon Kay Penman. The third book (and as we all were grateful to hear, not the last!) in her Eleanor of Aquitaine series.

Additionally, in honor of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections there will be a look at a new book by Marty Beckerman entitled Dumbocracy: Adventures of the Loony Left, the Rabid Right and Other American Idiots. (I'm lovin' that title!)

Also look for EXTREME BLOG MAKEOVER HOME EDITION as A Reader's Respite gets a whole, new look. Trust me, you won't recognize the place!


  1. I was quite thrilled also to notice that Richard will be Penman's next subject! I can't wait to see your review for Devil's Brood. I'll have mine up this week, too.


  2. Hey - did the author of Jenford contact you? He wrote to me a couple weeks ago and I have his book to review as well! Funny!

  3. Can't wait for the Penman review, Michele!


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