Yet Another Book Blog

I know what you're probably thinking: "Not another book blog! There are so many out there already!" And you're absolutely right. Thank goodness I don't aspire to reach the level of the numerous intelligent, informative, insightful book blogs or I'd end up with a serious inferiority complex!

I don't have famous authors beating down my door to be interviewed, nor do I have a special "in" with publishing houses. I'm simply a passionate reader who likes to share my book-finds and an occasional opinion or two with other book lovers out there.

Thanks to all the fabulous book blogs out there, I've been exposed to genres and titles that I never would have picked up on my own. If I can pass that along to another reader and at the same time create just a small community of book lovers here, then I will consider this blog a huge success.

I love to hear suggestions, opinions and especially a "Hi, whatcha reading today?," so please feel free to comment or email freely. Even if you've never commented on a blog before, please don't be hesitant here...join in and create a community. I'd love to hear what you're reading, what you love to read and what you hate to read and why!


  1. Hi and welcome to the Book Blog world! I am relatively new to it as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and being my first "follower"! I love your picture with your kids, very sweet. So, what genres do you typically read?

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Amy, and for being my very first Comment! I really gravitate towards historical fiction and thanks to your blog, I've now added 'The Tea Rose' and 'The Winter Rose' to my TBR pile. ;)



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