Note to self.....

....fiddling around with your blog's template is not like rearranging your living room furniture. If you hit the wrong button (do NOT touch "the button"!!!), you will indeed lose all of your hard work and spend the entire night trying to recreate everything that is now lost forever in the depths of cyberspace.

Duly noted.


  1. A handy tip is to always take a copy of all your template HTML (save it in Notepad or Wordpad). That way, if something goes wrong then you can at least have your starting point loaded in again.

    Doesn't help now I know!

  2. ha - thanks Marg. Believe it or not, I did backup the template before fiddling with it, but still lost all my widget stuff in the sidebars....not sure what went wrong there. Oh well, gave me something to do in the middle of the night here ('cause sleep is for wusses).

  3. I am always nervous when I mess with my blog's template (doesn't stop me from doing it from time to time however!).


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