Confession time: I've been sorely remiss with my LibraryThing account. When I originally signed up, I neglected to read the fine print and didn't realize that there was a 200 book limit. After spending an entire day manually entering my home library, I ran into that book limitation and pretty much through up my hands at that point. To be honest, I didn't even look into how much a membership was, and since I already have paid memberships to Book Browse and Audible, I was reluctant to shell out more money towards my book obsession.

I finally broke down today and got the lifetime membership (it was only $25, so not sure what my problem was with that). Now I'm faced with the responsibility of sprucing up my account....organizing the books, entering reviews, etc, etc.

So what do you do with your LT account? Do you keep up with it? What do you think it's greatest benefit is to YOU? LT account name is lookingforpenguins, so if you frequent LT, add me as a friend!


  1. I LOVE, LOVE Library Thing! I just purchased a one-year subscription because I surpassed the limit. For right now I just have my historical fiction books, but I plan on entering the rest, which consists of fantasy/sci-fi (Gregory Maguire and Neil Gaiman). I have mine kinda organized, but am still working on it. I have tags and ratings and I enter my reviews. The greatest benefit is talking to other people who like the same things and looking at their library - you can come away with some excellent books to add the the growing TBR pile. I also enjoy the Early Reviewers program!

  2. I was looking at your library...yikes, my tbr pile grew again damnit. I just need to get better about keeping up with LT. I figure now that I've shelled out the money, I have incentive, right?

  3. I just signed up for library thing and love it already. I'll be adding you and checking out your "library" to add to my own TBR list. i won't forget your username easily as I love penguins!

  4. Dawn (sheIsTooFondOfBooks)September 28, 2008 at 6:48 PM

    I started on LT in April 2008. I use it to organize/sort my books (the database function)and to be connect with other readers, share opinions on books (the social networking function), and I've been lucky with the EarlyReviewer program (the icing on the cake).

    I signed up for the "free" account, and switched to lifetime after about 2 weeks and 200 books :)

  5. I started LT at the beginning of 2007 and have just kept track of the books I've read since then, with a few book club books from earlier thrown in. The other thing I do is keep track of my tbr list from reviews around the blogs there. And, of course, I LOVE the Early Reviewer program!!!


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